What is Therapeutic Massage: Definition, Goals and Uses
September 30, 2015

Will Massage Therapy Help With Your Back Problem?

massage-300x200Many of us believe that massage therapy can positively help back problems, as massage is non-invasive and is considered very low risk for most people. Aside from its physical benefits, certain types of massage have been shown to help psychologically with relaxation and increased production of feel good chemicals known as endorphins. All of these are helpful among people with both acute and chronic back pain. Read on and know why massage therapy may be right for you.

Many health care providers say they will encourage their patients to pursue massage therapy in addition to medical treatment. If applicable, you might want to ask your physician for a referral to a massage therapy professional in your area. There are many back problems that may benefit from massage therapy, including muscle strain in the back and neck, osteoarthritis of the spine and fibromyalgia.

Massage therapy is fast becoming more widely accepted in the medical community as a credible treatment for many kinds of back pain and as an adjunct to other medical treatments. Research has shown that massage therapy has many potential health benefits for suffers of back pain, including:

  • Increase blood flow and circulation. This brings the needed nutrients to your muscles and tissues, and aids in the recovery of muscle soreness from soft tissue injury or physical activity.
  • Decrease tension in the muscles. This muscle relaxation can reduce pain by tight muscles, improve flexibility and improve sleep.
  • Increase endorphin levels. This mood enhancer can ease anxiety and depression, which can help reduce pain and speed up recovery, particularly important for those suffering from chronic neck or back problems.

mtPatients suffering from severe back pain should be checked by a medical professional before starting massage therapy, and patients should get an accurate medical diagnosis for the cause of their back pain before starting a new treatment like massage therapy to rule out potentially serious conditions.

Many massage therapy professionals will work as part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team for patient treatment and evaluation. The right healthcare team for you should depend on your specific back problem and personal preferences.