At Perfect Balance we honor your commitment to health and well being by allocating an appointment time just for you. Our therapists have dedicated that time for you, so if you cannot make your appointment for any reason, please give us a call 6 hours or more before your booked appointment to avoid a $35 fee.

We honor that you have committed you massage appointment time to us, so we pledge to give our on-time clients the full time of their massage. If you pay for a 60 minute massage, you get the full 60 minutes, not 50 minutes like some spas and big massage chains. Clients who do not arrive on time for their appointment, will receive the remaining time for their booked appointment, so as not to inconvenience any clients that come after them.

We ask that if you have had a recent accident, injury or surgery, that you let us know. We may request a doctor’s clearance, or postpone your appointment until you are in the subacute stage of healing, when massage can actually do you some good.

If you are actively ill, with the flu, a cold, or any other contagious disease (ex: pink eye, or skin rash), we ask that you postpone your appointment until you are no longer contagious and we may request a doctors clearance for the safety of our staff and other guests.

Please understand that we are looking out for your health and wellness and only want the best results for you.