Massage Pricing

Let us help you return to wholeness and health.

At Perfect Balance Therapeutic Massage, we recognize the benefits of therapeutic and rehabilitative massage. Taking a holistic approach, we consider your whole body and lifestyle choices, including the sports you participate in and the daily stress you encounter. Most important, we listen to you and customize the services to meet your individual needs. If frequent massage is important to you, let us help you with a plan that meets your needs, and makes good financial sense. We want you to be the best you can be in every aspect of your life. Our massages will help you relax, focus, and accomplish Perfect Balance.

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Our Massage services

At Perfect Balance Therapeutic Massage, we customize every massage just for you, so we don’t have a long list of services. Our focus is simple, to help improve your health and wellness. You can choose your massage time based on the type of issues you are experiencing. Need more work today? All massages are upgradeable to the next level for $20 per upgrade.

45 minutes | $65

This massage is nearly as long as some spa and big chain ‘hour’ massages. Choose the Target Massage if you want us to focus on only one or two areas and not much else. You may want us to work on that stubborn shoulder pain, for instance, without doing a complete full body massage. Or, if you prefer, we can spend the time doing a flowing, relaxing massage without any targeted work at all.

60 minutes | $85

The 60 minute massage is the gold standard in the massage industry. At Perfect Balance we can work out some trouble spots and still make sure you have a relaxing therapeutic full body massage.

75 minutes | $105

The therapists at Perfect Balance agree, the 75 minute massage is the ‘Perfect Massage’. It gives us time to work out the trouble spots and still give you a great therapeutic full body massage that should leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Our goal is for you to leave feeling better and moving better.

90 minutes | $125

Sometimes, you just need extra work. Whether you’re a big guy or we’re helping you with an injury recovery, or sports tune up, the 90 minute massage gives us enough time to do a thorough job of working on adhesions, tight muscles and trigger points. You’ll be relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of your session.


Every Perfect Balance professional is certified by the state of California and is trained extensively in the art of therapeutic massage. Among our variety of additional specialties are chair massage [on site or at your location], sports massage, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy. Equine massage is available at your San Diego County barn. Please call to schedule an appointment.